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There’s a bit of a badass mujer in all of us. It’s the voice inside your head that tells you to take up space, speak up when something is wrong, and be treated like the queen you are. It’s the feeling of being able to achieve anything you put your mind to and shutting down all the haters along the way. 

You’re a woman who believes in supporting and lifting up other women, and you do it in your highest heels without breaking a sweat. When you’re ready to recharge after a long day of, well, taking charge, our Badass Mujer soy wax candle is here for you. 

This punchy, yet soothing wooden wick candle features notes of melon, rose, and lavender for an irresistible candle that smells almost good enough to eat.

Notes: Melon, Peony, Rose & Lavender