Support Women-Owned Businesses 

Support Women-Owned Businesses 

Hey guys! 

This week's blog post will be all about supporting women-owned businesses. You know,  it’s much easier to support a small business than you realize. If you’re not sure where to start, you can do so in three easy ways:

  • Promote their business on your social media
  • Leave a positive review 
  • Be transparent and honest 

I believe in community over competition, so this week I want to share three women-owned businesses that I love!  These three ladies are doing amazing things in their fields, so they deserve to be celebrated! 

3 Women-Owned Businesses I Love

Viva la PLUR 

Alexus, the owner of Viva la PLUR, is such a beautiful soul. PLUR stands for Peace, Love, Unity, and Respect, and she is someone who displays all of these qualities. Her store initially started as a place to sell her unique rave outfits and accessories, but now it's become so much more. 

She sells tie-dye T-shirts, long-sleeves, sweatpants, and tanks that all promote the idea of PLUR. She makes all her dyes from a non-toxic, handmade acrylic alcohol mix, so they’re all eco-friendly! 

Where to find her: Instagram - @vivalaplur

Website: Viva La PLUR 

L&K Elegance 

There’s nothing like a sister’s love. Iranian-born sisters Lavinia and Kamelia run L&K Elegance while balancing their work and school life. These women have an eye for beauty and a passion for art that celebrates nature. Their love for the earth’s natural beauty is seen in their creations, and each item is breathtaking! 

Their process begins with handpicking flowers and leaves from their neighborhood or grandmother’s garden. They also practice creative reuse by buying unwanted flower bouquets and turning them into beautiful jewelry pieces. Every flower is matched with a handmade frame and goes through a resin process to create the elegant pieces we see today. 

You’ll find everything from earrings to bookmarks on their website, and each item shines on its own(literally!) 

Where to find them: Instagram- @l.k_elegance,@kamelia_agh, @lavinia_agh

Website: L & K Elegance 

Life with LeeNor 

LeeNor Dikel is a woman who is killing it in the business and mentoring market! She’s helped countless women to take their businesses to the next level through business coaching, workbooks, programs, and courses. 

Her motivation comes from her own story. She realized that her limitations and mindset were holding her back, and she took a deep dive into finding true happiness and success. A woman who truly walks the walk and talks the talk, LeeNor is the proud CEO of La Coco Boutique, an online clothing store she owns with her mom. 

Where to find her: @lifewithleenor, @lacocoboutique 

Dreamy Gallery Candle Co Supports Women-Owned Businesses 

These are just three women-owned businesses I love at the moment, but there are so many more to mention! If you’ve been loving a business lately that you think could use some extra love, drop it below in the comments! We’d love to see what shops are out there!

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